Xxxtentacion: I’ll Slap Drake For Stealing ‘Look at Me’ Xxxtentacion Upset After OVO Radio Interview

Xxxtentacion shows Drake extreme disrespect over Twitter!

Xxxtentacion is a super hot sound cloud rapper who has been getting alot of attention over his song “Look at me”. A few weeks back Drake previewed a song on his ‘Boy Meets World’ Tour where his flow was very distinct to X’s hit single “Look at me”. Most of the reason people are so quick to say Drake is stealing flows is because he seems to jump onto whatever is hot musically wise.

Xxxtentacion is currently in jail and this morning took shots at Drake over twitter, one tweet saying “Don’t ever come to florida! I slap N*****!” He also added to claims that Drake’s extremely successful “Hotline Bling” was bitten off of D.R.A.M’s “Cha Cha”.

Fans think xxxtentacion is too early in his career to go against Drake, with Drake being at his peak.

xxxtentacion via Twitter

xxxtentacion via Twitter


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