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WRC Publisher ‘BigBen Interactive’ Acquire License to TestDrive Unlimited


WRC Publisher ‘BigBen Interactive’ Acquire License to TestDrive Unlimited

Bigben Interactive, the publisher of WRC racing games has announced this week it has acquired the usage of the brand ‘Test Drive’ from Atari.

BigBen Interactive have the company plans to develop new titles for the Test Drive Unlimited series which we haven’t seen since Test Drive Unlimited 2 was released back in 2011 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Even Though the game launched with super buggy online interactivity, this didn’t stop fans from enjoying the game for what it was.

The CEO of BigBen Interactive Alain Falc stated,“We are more than confident with respect to the quality of this franchise, which is loved by so many players, Our teams are very enthusiastic at the idea of being able to work on this license, which has already proven its worth – the game Test Drive Unlimited 2 sold 1.8 million units.”

No details have been given on which studio will create the game with most people speculating that it will be the creators of WRC 5, Kylotonn Games, but this information we need to wait for to be confirmed.


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