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Tory Lanez Disses Drake & Releases 2 Mixtapes The New Toronto 2′ and ‘Chixtapes 4’

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Tory Lanez Disses Drake & Releases 2 Mixtapes The New Toronto 2′ and ‘Chixtapes 4’

‘The New Toronto 2’ and ‘Chixtapes 4’ Released!


Tory Lanez who by tradition drops 2 mixtapes around the end of every year hasn’t disappointed yet again. The first mixtape is ‘The New Toronto 2’ which is essentially a trap tasting Tory. Almost every track has a heavy bassline beat. The mixtape includes 3 already released ‘Fargo Friday’ tracks ‘Blue Jay Season’, ‘Bodmon Song’ and ‘Super Freaky’ featuring Rick Ross. ‘Blue Jay Season’ is mixed as a separate song named ‘Talk To Me Nice’ which is the intro track for The New Toronto 2.

Then Tory Lanez also released ‘ChixTapes 4’ which obviously is the 4th mixtape in his Chixtape series. The Chixtape series is where Tory Lanez simply sings his heart out to the ladies in R&B style. Some of the tracks are remixes or use samples of some R&B classics.

Tory Lanez Disses Drake!

Tory Lanez took some shots on the track ‘Lick x Drive You Crazy’ at Drake. They’re subliminal disses but are quite obvious who they’re aimed at. The bars read: Grinnin’ at the view of your corpses in a fortress, bout to make  Forbes list, everythin’ is gorgeous. Those weren’t very clear but these are the more obvious go: Rap niggas all at they peak, I got the door slit.  i pray i never dress like ya’ll. Only bird on my shirt is when i press that raw. It’s umbrellas on my sweater for bitches that’s under weather.

Tory Lanez also said recently in an interview with radio station Hot 97 that he’ll most likely have another album out in the summer of 2017, whether it’s in correlation with his 2016 album ‘I Told You’ Which is a album explaining his come up in energetic music form.

Track Listing For ‘The New Toronto 2’:

The Cover Art For ‘The New Toronto 2’ By Tory Lanez

1.  Talk To Me Nice / Fargo Season
2.  Bal Harbour
3.  Dopeman Go Ft A$AP Ferg
4.  Bodmon Song (Extended Version)
5. Lick x Drive You Crazy
6.  Dancin’
7.  New Year / $auce Baby
8.  Bartenders and Spenders
9.  Set It Of x Better
10.  Super Freaky Ft Rick Ross
11.  Anyway
12.  Came Thru
13.  Wraith Talk.
Track Listing For ‘ChixTape 4’:
1.  Intro
2.  Slow Grind

‘ChixTapes 4’ By Tory Lanez

3.  Need a Girl
4.  1 Call
5.  Niggas Skit pt2
6.  Just a Friend
7.  What’s Luv ft Nyce 
8.  Proud Family
9.  Ignition
10.  Slow Down
11. Differences
12.  Aaliyah.

Tory Lanez on Drake’s Summer Sixteen Diss

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