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Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd Dissed Haters of ‘Black Beatles’


Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd Dissed Haters of ‘Black Beatles’

Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd’s not to happy with people contributing their #1 billboard success only to the Mannequin Challenge.

Mike WiLL Made & Rae Sremmurd told DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club they knew”Black Beatles” was a hit song before it was released.

Swae Lee on Rae Sremmurd Haters! "Mannequin Challenge isnt the Reason 'Black Beatles' is #1" For some reason whenever something becomes popular threes always people that try to tear it down. Swae Lee tired of critics yapping that “Black Beatles” only became popular because of #TheMannequinChallenge

Lee of “Rae Sremmurd” responded to a tweet from a fan  referring to the hit single “Black Beatles made the challenge popular 🔥 not the other way around.”

Swae replied with “Facts you know how lames try to downplay accomplishments 😂 you can save the world they say but you didn’t save the do do birds 😒“.

Now…. I love Rae Sremmurd but the power of social media is HUGE with the millions of people using Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat & Facebook, those sites alone contributed to millions of views, plays and buys for “Black Beatles”.

The Mannequin Challenge helped push the song to #1, being a great song the had no choice but to embrace it.




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