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Suspicious Package In Trump Tower Sparks Panic and Prompts Evacuation


Suspicious Package In Trump Tower Sparks Panic and Prompts Evacuation


Suspicious Package In Trump Tower Sparks Panic and Prompts Evacuation


The Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York was evacuated after police were called to investigate a suspicious package was left in the lobby on Tuesday, Dec. 27.

Thousands of shoppers and visitors who were in the Trump Tower building were forced to evacuate the building after the package was spotted near the entrance of the building.
“The police were shooting, and telling us to leave,” said Andy Martin, a teen who was visiting Manhattan with family.
The building was evacuated quickly, and Emergency crews were called to investigate. By 5pm, a NYPD spokesman had reported that the package was examined by the bomb squad, and it was deemed to be safe. The package actually turned out to be a Nike backpack that was filled with children’s toys, and police gave the all-clear for everyone to re-enter the building.

The Trump Tower in New York is considered home for now President-Elect Donald Trump and his entire family, but it is known that the Trump family is vacationing at their Mara-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. The building has been under heavy security protection since Trump won the election in November. A no-fly zone has been set over the 58-story skyscraper, and barricades have been set up which are guarded by both the police and secret service. Since Trump’s family lives in the building as well as the President-Elect, there have been plans to have the Secret Service guard two floors of the building, which reportedly will cost $3 million a year.
Although Trump is relocating to the White House after his Inauguration in January, his wife and youngest son Barron will stay in the tower until Barron finishes off the school year. The building has also been home to Trump’s transition team while they’re working on relocating to the White House. Trump had made it clear that although he may be in Washington, he’ll make frequent visits to New York, especially while Barron and Melania are there.


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