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Soulja Boy Sends Apologies to Chris Brown, Lil Yachty, and Quavo.

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Soulja Boy Sends Apologies to Chris Brown, Lil Yachty, and Quavo.

Soulja Boy apologizing to everyone he has beefed with.

Soulja Boy posted an Instagram video apologizing to Chris Brown, Yachty and Quavo after starting beef with all of them over the past few months. Soulja Boy was challenged by Chris to have 3 minutes , and 3 rounds in a boxing ring yesterday, January 3rd after Soulja Boy started a social media argument.

The Hip Hop singer and ‘Crank That’ rapper exchanged a lot of crazy words on social media Monday, January 2nd. Soulja Boy made accusations that Chris called him and said that he wanted to fight after Soulja liked a picture of Chris’ ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Soulja Boy said the exact same thing in the situation with Lil Yachty and India Love. Chris Brown then clowned Soulja boy all day by making jokes about his hairline and even leaking Soulja’s phone number.

Chris then said Soulja continuously called him on FaceTime, then adding, “He prolly wanna squash it cause he know I’m serious…Boy stop it. I’ma whoop your ass. Adrien Broner, set up the gym, bro. Set the gym up. Stop calling me n*gga we gonna fight for charity.” Adrien Broner, if you didn’t know, is a professional boxer.

Broner then posted the picture above, promoting the boxing match between Chris and Soulja Boy that is supposed to take place in March 2017. Soulja Boy then went to Instagram to post this video on Instagram saying that he has been acting out lately and that he is sorry to all of the artists he has been beefing with over the past few months. He then said he wants to make music with Chris Brown, Yachty and Quavo and more artists he has beefed with. Hopefully we can see all of them stop beefing and make music together, and if there is still problems, like Chris said they can box instead of shooting at each other.


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