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Soulja Boy Charged With Felony Gun Possession!


Soulja Boy Charged With Felony Gun Possession!

Soulja Boy Facing Jail!

Soulja Boy who has been stunting on Social Media was arrested last month after he was seen with possession of a firearm which violated his probation. He’s being hit by the L.A County D.A with two felony charges, 1 being possession of an assault weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm!

It was reported that Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em was caught in charge of a Draco AR-15, a fire arm of the sort is illegal in the state of California not to mention he is no longer allowed to own a fire – arm of any kind due to being a convicted felon. It gets worse, Soulja is also seeing the court about a misdemeanor for receiving stolen property. Officers say one of Soulja Boy’s guns was taken from a police car.

If Soulja Boy is found guilty, he’s looking at up to 4 years in county jail!

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