Snoop Dogg Shoots Trump Clown in Lavender / BadBadNotGood Video Causes Outrage

Snoop Dogg on ‘Lavender’ Video Parodying Trump: ‘Nobody’s Dealing With the Real Issue With This F–king Clown as President’

The rapper’s latest video features a Snoop Loops commercial, Michael Rapaport and a clown mocking president Donald Trump.

The concept for Snoop Dogg‘s new video for “Lavender” (Nightfall Remix) — named after the original BADBADNOTGOOD collaboration featuring Kaytranada — came to its director, YouTube star Jesse Wellens, during a smoking session.

Sharing the same manager, the PrankvsPrank sensation and the West Coast rap legend were working the same video game event last October. Smoking was not permitted indoors, so the two lit up in the rapper’s Sprinter van as Wellens pitched his idea. It included Resident Evil dogs, clowns, a commercial for the faux Snoop Loops cereal, and a timely concept inspired by Philando Castile — the Falcon Heights man who was fatally shot by cops at a traffic stop last July, as seen in the heartbreaking video his girlfriend recorded and posted online.



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