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Possible Donald Trump ASSASSINATION Attempt: 19 Year Old Teen Carries Bag Of Weapons Into Trump Tower

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Possible Donald Trump ASSASSINATION Attempt: 19 Year Old Teen Carries Bag Of Weapons Into Trump Tower

19 Year Old Teen Carries Bag Of Weapons Into Trump Tower

img_4232On Monday, December 12, 2016, 19-year old college student, Alexander Wang, was caught carrying an arsenal of weapons into Trump Tower for what most would assume to be an assassination attempt on the President-Elect Donald.
Wang, a student at Baruch College studying finance, had placed a backpack containing a plethora of weapons that be used in many ways to cause deadly harm in a metal detector at the entrance of the heavily guarded Trump Tower. These items include a hunting knife, a wire that can be used for strangling, eight feet of black rope, a pair of handcuffs, an M-100 firework, and a water pistol.
Wang, according to The New York Daily News, is a Trump fan, and has brought these items to the building twice. The question of “if Wang is a fan of the charismatic Trump, why would he bring these items into the tower?” and “Are they there for the purpose of harming the President-Elect?”

While most would automatically think differently due to the items found, Wang had stated to the police that he is a “survivalist” and he had carried the same items with him all the time. He went on to say that he had been to Trump Tower ten other times, including two times directly after the election when security was beefing up due to Trump’s higher status, carrying the same exact items. Wang explained that his reason for heading to Trump Tower is because he likes studying at that building. As for the firework, Wang held told police that he enjoyed setting off fireworks by the East River, and that he had more at home. After a raid, police had discovered an ammo box full of fireworks. Wang now faces two felony counts of weapon’s possession for the hunting knife and strangling wire. Due to his bold, brash, sometimes bullying behavior, Donald Trump has faced a few potential attempts which could have been deadly.Donald Trump

In one instance, a man had rushed the stage at one of his events in March. The man got within arm’s reach of the then Republican Presidential Candidate, and if he had the intent to do harm, he very well could have. In another situation, a teen from England, who was in the United States, attended a Trump Rally during the summer of 2016. During this rally, the teen, who also had mild autism, had tried to take possession of an officer’s weapon to shoot Trump, but his assassination attempt was halted, and he was taken into custody. There has been more security scares for the President-Elect, and it is likely that there might be more, but the Secret Service is there to ensure his safety. Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, had stated that Donald T could be the next John F. Kennedy. Let’s hope that he doesn’t have the same demise as the assassinated president. 19 Year Old Teen Carries Bag Of Weapons Into Trump Tower Video Soon




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