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Did Meek Mill post Nicki Minaj BOOTY PIC?


Did Meek Mill post Nicki Minaj BOOTY PIC?

Meek Mill has shared an X-rated picture of a woman, rumors are it’s Nicki Minaj!

Meek Mill might’ve just started some Instagram drama after he posted this picture, captioned “Sitting back like…… $avage… just friends 😂” Sunday night(Dec 18th). Many people have jumped to the conclusion thinking this picture is his now supposedly ex girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

Hours after he uploaded the picture, Meek deleted the picture from Instagram! People of the internet have been wondering if this picture is actually Nicki, and others are wondering if the two are even together anymore, since they did unfollow each other on Instagram. Meek and Nicki still have pictures with each other on Instagram still, causing fans to believe that everything is fine between the two. Fans were very concerned for the couple when Nicki went to Instagram with this caption a week ago “Thank God u BLUE 💙 it. Thank God I dodged the bullet. I’m so over u. Baby good lookin out. #BestThingUNeverHad.” Like always the internet jumped to conclusions and thought this caption was directed towards Meek Mill.

Check below to see how the people of twitter are reacting!

One who believes Meek and Nicki are still together tweeted out saying “Like every 6 months it’s a “rumor” of Meek and Nicki being broken up. Whole time they still be together, & still be annoying.”

One twitter user who believes it’s not Nicki says “Meek mill really tried it, that’s not Nicki.”

Another who doesn’t agree says “That was not Nicki Minaj in the picture. Meek has deleted it! It was some chick he was messin with … before nicki.”



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