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Meek Mill Says He Would FIGHT Drake For $5,000,000 And Nicki Minaj Could Be The Ring Girl!

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Meek Mill Says He Would FIGHT Drake For $5,000,000 And Nicki Minaj Could Be The Ring Girl!

Drake And Meek Mill Beef! Where Did It Start?

Most current Hiphop fans should of at least heard about this infamous beef between Meek Mill and Drake, but where did it all start? As most of you know Drake and Meek made a track together named R.I.C.O. Drake’s verse sounded like it was subliminally dissing Meek about his at the time prized possession (Nicki Minaj), so Meek Mill decided to ask a few people and what he was told was that Drake didn’t intentionally diss him infact he didn’t even write a word of that verse. When Meek Mill tweeted about it everyone thought he was going crazy, until he came up with the proof. Both songs ‘Know Yourself’ and ‘R.I.C.O’ had reference tracks leaked by Quentin Miller (Drakes Ghostwriter at the time).

2017 And The Beef Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down!

Yesterday Meek Mill was on Instagram live and he was talking about how he’s a bit outta shape and all of a sudden a fan asked if he could beat up Soulja Boy, Meek replied “I’d fuck up Soulja Boy” Then he furthered on his point by then saying “Hell yeah i’d fuck up Drake for 5 milli, Nicki can be the ring girl too!”. This came as a surprise (sort of) because recently there was a clip surfacing of Meek dancing to Drake’s ‘One Dance’ at the club! No new diss tracks are expected to drop since Drake is about to go on his European ‘Boy Meets World’ tour unless Meek Mill drops a surprise diss track to counter what Drake did to him 2 years ago when Meek was on tour.

Video Of Meek Mill Saying He Can Beat Up Drake Above!

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