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Martin Shkreli FIGHTS DJ Akademiks on Twitter Says 21 Savage Is FAKE (Video)


Martin Shkreli FIGHTS DJ Akademiks on Twitter Says 21 Savage Is FAKE (Video)

Martin Shkreli FIGHTS DJ Akademiks and Calls Out 21 Savage (Video)


DJ Akademiks and Martin Shkreli get into a Twitter fight, Martin Shkreli wasn’t too happy with what DJ Akademiks had to say about him in his video about Shkreli claiming he Bought Lil Wayne’s ‘Carter V’ album & now is the sole owner of the project.

Martin Shkreli is not a new face to Hip Hop / Rap, he recently bought the Wu-Tang Clan album for $2 million and that gained him instant notoriety in Rap.

Last week Martin Shkreli previewed what he says was a song from Tha Cater V Album over his periscope, he claims its real but a lot of people wonder if its a throw away from Lil Wanye.

So today over twitter Martin Shkreli  didnt like DJ telling his almost 1 million subsciber base that Martin was faking it, referring to Martin claiming he has Tha Carter V Ablum, Martin  told DJ Akademiks “my dude. i will confront you. it will not be good for you. never talk ill on me again or extreme circumstances will befall you.”

DJ Akademiks responded back with  “bruh u gotta make up a name like Big Gucci Marty…. and at least have a DRACO to be convincing.”

Martin then took to his periscope page and later told Akademiks he told slap him if he saw him on the streets then later claimed he was real and 99% of rappers are fake and brandish fake money like 21 Savage. (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)



Watch Martin go at DJ Akademiks and 21 Savage

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