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Legendary Actress Mary Tyler Moore Passes Away at age 80


Legendary Actress Mary Tyler Moore Passes Away at age 80

On January 25, 2017, the world lost a famed television icon, and legendary actress in Mary Tyler Moore, who passed away at age 80 in a Greenwich Connecticut hospital.
In her 80-years of life, Mary Tyler Moore battled a number of health issues. At age 33, Moore was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In 2011, she underwent surgery to remove a meningioma, which is a benign (not cancerous) brain tumor. Friends began to report that Moore was suffering from heart and kidney problems in 2014, and she was almost completely blind. In October 2015, Dick Van Dyke, a former co-star, appeared on an episode of Larry King Now and made comments about Moore, stating, “Diabetes has taken a toll on her. She’s not doing well at all.” Moore passed away from cardiopulmonary arrest stemming from pneumonia in the company of friends and family, including her husband of thirty-three years, after being placed on a respirator for a week.
Moore is an actress who is best known for her work on the television sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which ran from 1970-1977. On this show, she played a single woman in her 30’s who was a news producer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also played Laura Petrie, a former dancer who converted to a homemaker, wife, and mother on The Dick Van Dyke Show from 1961-1966. Moore acted in films such as Thoroughly Modern Millie in 1967 and Ordinary People in 1980’s, in which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Moore also wrote two memoirs.
Moore participated in charity work, most particularly on issues such as Diabetes Mellitus Type 1, and animal rights.
Moore was married three times. In 1955, Moore married Richard Meeker, whom she described as “the boy next door.” Within the first six weeks of their marriage, she was pregnant with her only child, Richard Jr. who was born on July 3, 1956, but died in 1980 after accidentally shooting himself in the head while handling a Sawed-Off Shotgun. Meeker and Moore divorced divorced in 1961. Her second marriage was with Richard Tinker in 1962, who was a CBS executive, who later became chairman of NBC, In 1970, they formed the television production company called MTM Enterprises, which created and produced The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which was the company’s first production. Moore and Tinker divorced in 1981, but she married Dr. Robert Levine in 1983. She met Levine when he treated her mother during a house call in New York City. Levine was her last marriage, and was at her side as she passed away.

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