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Kylie Jenner SEX Tape with Tyga Video Allegedly Leaked


Kylie Jenner SEX Tape with Tyga Video Allegedly Leaked

Kylie Jenner DENIES she and Tyga have a leaked sex tape!

On Thursday, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner and Rapper Tyga were hit with some intense rumors. Rumors are that the young couple have filmed and leaked a sex tape! 

However, TMZ quickly shut down these allegations, confirming it’s neither Kylie or Tyga in the x-rated video filmed in the bathroom.

This video appeared on a website, and the only similarity that the girl in the video and Kylie have in common is the blonde braids. Although Kylie isn’t using this hairstyle currently, but she has rocked that hairstyle in the past. Back in June, Kylie Jenner went to Snapchat saying that we would never see a sex tape from her , because it isn’t going to happen.


Sources close to Kylie, say that they have seen the alleged sex tape, and that it is 100% not Kylie! Let us know if you think the alleged sex tape of Kylie and Tyga is real or fake.

Here’s how the people of twitter reacted.






Alleged Kylie Jenner SEX Tape with Tyga Video Below


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