Eminem Dissed Trump on Big Sean No Favors ‘I Decided’ “Donald Trump “A B*tch”

Eminem Dissed Trump on Big Sean No Favors ‘I Decided’ “Donald Trump “A B*tch”


Eminem decided to call out Donald Trump and Ann Coulter on Big Sean No Favors ‘I Decided’  in the song he said this to Trump “No government handle a commando ya man don?t want it Trumps A bitch, Ill make his whole plan go under (yeah)”  Hopefuly we find out soon why Shady picked Trump as his new target.

Big Sean‘s new album I Decided. is dropping this Friday, Feb. 3, and today (Jan. 30) he unveiled the tracklist on Instagram. You can check it out below.
Eminem is featured on a song called “No Favors” while Jeremih is featured on “Light” and Sean’s girl Jhene Aiko is on track seven, “Same Time Pt. 1.” But the biggest surprise comes on track 13, where the Migos show up for a song called “Sacrifices.”
There’s also another pleasant surprise on track 14, where a choir from Flint, Mich. called the Flint Chozen Choir shows up. But it’s also where Starrah, one of the strongest songwriters in the industry right now, pops up. She’s got writing credits on huge songs like Drake’s “Fake Love,” Kevin Gates’ “2 Phones,” Rihanna’s “Needed Me” and Jeremih’s “Pass Dat,” to name a few. Seeing her name on the tracklist is a good sign for Sean Don’s new LP.




Big Sean’s I Decided. Tracklist

1. “Intro”
2. “Light” Feat. Jeremih
3. “Bounce Back”
4. “No Favors” Feat. Eminem
5. “Jump Out the Window”
6. “Moves”
7. “Same Time Pt. 1″ Feat. Twenty88
8. “Owe Me”
9. “Halfway Off the Balcony”
10. “Voices in My Head/Stick to the Plan”
11. “Sunday Morning Jetpack” Feat. The-Dream
12. “Inspire Me”
13. “Sacrifices” Feat. Migos
14. “Bigger Than Me” Feat. Flint Chozen Choir and Starrah

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