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Drake And Young Thug Touring Together! ‘Boy Meets World Tour’

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Drake And Young Thug Touring Together! ‘Boy Meets World Tour’

Drake And Young Thug’s European Tour!


Drake has recently announced his ‘Boy Meets World Tour’  which will be him touring the main cities in Europe. Drake and Young Thug will both be touring together! Young Thug and Drake both uploaded a picture on Instagram (below) and Young Thug put in the description: European Tour ft… (Drake). Both rappers have had a good 2016 being relevant all year, and don’t look to be slowing down in 2017. This tour is really proving Drakes work ethic having just finished his ‘Summer Sixteen Tour’ ft Future which had a total of 54 Shows and was hosted between July and October, but at the same time its obvious why he is doing it considering he sold out every show in his last tour and raked in a large sum of $64 million from that tour alone!

The ‘Boy Meets World Tour’ will have a total of 26 shows in all of the biggest cities in Europe, including the likes of London, and Paris. The Tour will start on January 21st at Amsterdam and will end on March 16th at Cologne. The venue and dates list will be below:

Jan. 21 – Amsterdam
Jan. 22 – Amsterdam
Jan. 26 – Glasgow
Jan. 28 – London
Jan. 30 – London
Feb. 1 – London
Feb. 2 – London
Feb. 4 – London
Feb. 5 – London
Feb. 8 – Leeds
Feb. 11 – Manchester
Feb. 12 – Manchester
Feb. 17 – Sheffield
Feb. 19 – Dublin
Feb. 22 – Birmingham
Feb. 23 – Birmingham
Feb. 25 – Oberhausen
Feb. 28 – Antwerp
Mar. 4 – Stockholm
Mar. 5 – Oslo
Mar. 7 – Copenhagen
Mar. 9 – Berlin
Mar. 10 – Hamburg
Mar. 12 – Paris
Mar. 13 – Paris
Mar. 16 – Cologne.

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