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Chicago’s Gun Violence Sets Disturbing Record For 2016: What Can Be Done To Decrease Gun Violence?


Chicago’s Gun Violence Sets Disturbing Record For 2016: What Can Be Done To Decrease Gun Violence?


Chicago’s Gun Violence Sets Disturbing Record For 2016


In the year of 2016, the city of Chicago reached new heights of gun violence as they set an all-time record of 4,331 shooting victims, and 767 murders.
Chicago, which is not only known to be one of the big cities in the United States, is notorious for it’s high rates of crime and gun violence. Reports show that the murder rate has increased over 50% since the previous year. In 2015, police records show that there were only 500 homicides, but in 2016, the homicide figure skyrocketed to 762, which is a 52% increase. It has been noted that 2016’s Chicago murder statistics haven’t been this high since 1997, and some may have fears that it’ll increase. Another alarming statistic is that at least a child a week, aged 16 or younger, has reportedly been murdered for a quarter-century, according to CNN.
On average, at least 5-10 people are murdered and at least 30-40 people are wounded by gun violence each weekend in Chicago, and crime does not take a break on holidays. On Father’s Day and Christmas, 12 homicides for each holiday were reported, which is higher than usual. Although Chicago is proclaimed to be the “murder capital” of the United States, cities such as Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Los Angeles are nearing the top of the list along with the Windy City. When breaking down the figures between these cities in a per capita sense, one can see that Chicago does not have the highest figures.
Renee Canady’s son, 24-year Old Deandre Holiday, was the first to be murdered in the early hours of January 1, 2016. “I see these kids now….. and they remind me of my son. I just want to tell them to be careful,” said Canady.
A nagging question that runs through the minds of many Chicagoan’s, and many others who live in crime-infested cities is what can be done to decrease violence if at all possible? President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted “Chicago murder rate is record setting – 4,331 shootings victims and 762 murders in 2016. If Mayor can’t do it, he must ask for Federal help!” 
Most would suggest tougher gun laws, however, it could be heavily debated that these new regulations will do nothing but benefit the bad guys and disarm law-abiding citizens, because those who can’t obtain weapons the legal way will always get their hands on them. Another suggestion is to increase more law enforcement to combat the crime rate, but most would say that the primary cause of the increased crime rate is mainly based on culture. Rappers, who are primarily followed by youths, who hail from the Windy City use it’s high violent crime rate to increase their street credit and promote their music, and people of the younger generation gravitate to it because they see these rappers as idles and role models, and they think it’s acceptable to act like their idles say they do in their music. The debate about the correct decision of what to do to decrease the crime rate, wherever the problem may be, will wage on for years to come, because there is really no correct answer.


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