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Charlamagne says Tomi Lahren isn’t Racist

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Charlamagne says Tomi Lahren isn’t Racist

Charlamagne was dragged through the mud this week and all he did was walk through Time Square with Tomi Lahren. over Twitter, Facebook & Instagram called Charlamagne Tha God names like “Coon” and “Uncle Tom” after he was seen walking with the blazing Tomi in NYC by TMZ.

CThaGod used his platform on The Breakfast Club to explain conversion and his thought of the Blaze host Tomi Lahren that morning.

The Breakfast Club star said the conversation was good, he also went on to say he doesn’t believe Tomi Lahren is racist but in fact he felt she’s misinformed.

Charlamagne said they had a conversations on BLM and explained to her why her comparing BLM to the KKK was inflammatory rhetoric, and later asked her how can she support Trump knowing tomi-lahren-facebook-800x430that he empowers such hate, Tomi Lahren told him that she has seen racist trump Supporters at Trump rallies but most of the people who voted for trump were anti establishment went on to say that just because the KKK supports Trump doesn’t mean that all trump Supporters are racist.

Well I guess we can say the same exact thing about Black Lives Matter Right Tomi ?

There’s been great deal of protest across America after police killings of unarmed black men, While many of strong patriots took to the streets to protest police brutality, some criminals used these moments to loot and steal, some people love to blame BLM for the negative things that the criminals did at those protest.


Watch the video below as Charlamagne explains the meeting with Tomi

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