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Apple to charge $69USD to replace one lost Apple Airpod


Apple to charge $69USD to replace one lost Apple Airpod

Apple has stated that customers who lose one of the new wireless Airpod earphones will be charged  $69USD for a replacement.

The Earphones went on sale earlier this week for $159 in the US. However, they are sold with a charging case and can connect to older apple devices such as Iphones and Macs via Bluetooth.

Customers will also be charged $81 to replace a charging case, where as servicing a battery for either headphone and charging case is $56 each.

The Airpods were a very controversial device at launch as many consumers had complained at the factnot having wires would make them very easy to lose with many technology analysts thinking that apple should bring a “find my Airpods” feature in the near future.











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